Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life in the fast lane

Well, it is picking up here at the Howard household. We have travel basketball going on, baseball, and now spring football. To say we don't have a night off is putting it mildly.

The baseball team finally won a game - thank goodness. I thought Stephen was going to never sleep. The basketball team wins about once a weekend. They play some very good basketball teams and have been getting better and better. The most important part is Jacob is getting better. Football- it is weird not seeing Timothy out there.

Timothy and I went and met his new team - Birmingham Southern Panthers this past Saturday. It was nice and he left very anxious to start. He is so looking forward to starting fresh somewhere and keeping busy with school and football. He will be interning at a church in Athens this summer, which also will be nice to keep him busy and focused on more important things.

That is it - we have no time for anything else. Crazy, I know!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break

We made our annual spring break trip this year. We go every year now for 6 years with my two girlfriends, Tricia and Susan. We take our kids (minus Timothy) and head out somewhere. We try and go somewhere with a little bit of history (for me) and some science (for others). Some years we have had others come with us and the past 3 years Susan's husband and tagged along. This year we headed to Virginia - now for anyone that knows me - (sorry, Tricia) - you know that I want to live there one day. I love Virginia and think is a very beautiful place. I was not disappointed on this trip. We headed to Williamsburg on the first day. We met up with Susan and Marvin in Jamestown and spent the afternoon there. The next day was rainy so we did the Ripley's Museum - which was awesome and then headed to Norfolk to see the Nauticus Museum and the USS Wisconsin battleship. Loved both of these and got to walk along the waterfront and stop and have dinner. The next day we headed to one of my favorite places - Colonial Williamsburg. I just love this place. I so want to work there one day. It helps remind us of where we have been and what brought us to the place we are. I truly believe that the men that lived there in the 1770's really must be looking down at us and wondering how we could mess something up so badly. There was re-enactment and we got to see the drum and fife play. Yes, I was in heaven and so enjoyed the whole day - did I mention the weather was absolutely gorgeous!? On Thursday we headed to Richmond and went to the Holocaust Museum. This museum is free and so well done. The kids got so much out of it. One of the kids said he thought he knew about the Holocaust, but he found out he didn't. Real eye opener. I am so glad that we as a country thought it important enough to fight that war. Millions of Jews were killed but so many were saved because we were there. My grandfather included. We headed to Appomattox the next day and enjoyed that. We actually were there on the anniversary of the surrender by Lee. We also went to the Natural Bridge and Foamhedge. All and all this trip was so much fun and we enjoyed being with everyone. We have had some difficult things to work through here at home and it was nice to get away and just now worry or think about it for awhile.