Sunday, April 22, 2012

We had a weekend of basketball (the norm) and I must admit, this was a tough one.  We played some of the best teams in the state - one of them is ranked nationally.  We got our rear ends handed to us, but if we were looking for competition - we found it.  BIG TIME! 

The best part is we love this team and the coaches.  So... if I am going to have to spend all weekend with people, these people are great!  Jacob really has learned a lot under these coaches and we are encouraged at how well he is doing along with his team.  I know it doesn't sound like it, but once we are down on the right level, we will do great. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wow - long time since I have been on here.

Can't believe that it has been so long since I have written. Life gets going and I just don't make time to write.
We are all doing great - ok, maybe great isn't the right word, but we are all learning to lean on God a little right now. Stephen's job is very dicey right now and we are not sure how long he will be employed. Stress is very high for him and I am doing my best to keep a calm and peaceful home with no additional stress on him. I am so praying daily for peace, rest and strength for this awesome man I have in my life. He has done nothing but provide a wonderful life for us and I know he feels like if he loses this job, he will be letting us down in some way. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Timothy has been under attack pretty consistantly lately. My heart breaks every time his does. He has had some people in his life really let him down lately. Betrayal is a very hard thing to deal with and he has had to deal with so much of it lately. For some reason, he has been betrayed as the "bad guy" in a situation and we still are not sure why. He has been purposefully left out of a ministry that he has invested in. He has been lied to and shoved aside. The saddest part is the person doing this is suppose to be his mentor. Some one that he has looked up to and respected immensly for years. I on the other hand am very mad - but I guess that is the natural mother response. There are others involved and to say that this has been hard, is not even coming close to how it has felt. The really good part is that it has driven Timothy down to his knees and has made him take a good look at himself and what he wants to be and he has learned some things. Wonderful things and so God has taken ashes and turned them into gold for Timothy. Isn't it amazing how faithful God is and how he is always there for us who believe in Him. the other really neat part is that he has been able to encourage Stephen along this rocky road they are both on right now. Stephen and I have been in awe how our 19 year old has such wisdom and can encourage us - even though we feel like we should be encouraging him.
Matthew is forever amazing me. He is such a goof ball and is always there for a good laugh when all you want to do is cry. But then it moments that just creep up on you, he says something deep and insightful and I am so very proud of the man he is becoming. His faith is strong and is deeper than you would think, because most of the time he is goofing off making you laugh. He will be spending his summer working with a trainer for football, 8 days in Haiti on a mission trip, and a week in Oklahoma on a mission trip. He will be busy, but he wants to do all of this and is looking forward to the things that God will do through him during this summer.
Jacob - my spirited and serious boy. He is busy playing on his travel basketball team. He is becoming a great little basketball player and plays most day and night. He is really coming into his own person and it is fun to watch. I have such 3 different boys and yet all of them are fun and love spending time together. Whenever Timothy is home, they spend most of all that time together.
I think i will end it there - I will add more later - I promise not to wait a year.