Thursday, July 1, 2010


This past Tuesday night Stephen and I got a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stephen is a big customer of Xerox and Xerox is the main sponsor of Sting's world tour. So Xerox brought us in to Chastain Park. We got to go to the sound check before the concert. Now, before we entered we were given a ton of rules that we needed to follow. I really was concerned that Sting was going to be a jerk. A real prima donna. But we got to the sound check and he was awesome. He was funny and really interacted with us. During the sound check, he brought up several of us to sing with him. He invited Stephen up on stage to sing - but can you believe it - Stephen said "No, I can't sing"!! Can you believe it! After sound check we were able to go up on stage and meet him and get our picture taken with him. It was such a treat!!

The concert was great also! He performed with the London orchestra. We had so much fun! When we get the picture I will post it. They wouldn't allow us to have cameras, but Xerox took some for us.

Other than that we have been very busy this summer with football camps. Right now we have two colleges looking at Timothy. We are very excited about one - I pray that it may work out. But I am sure that God will lead us to the one that He wants us to go to. We have a few more to go to this summer. We will be going to Shorter and UTC camps in the next couple of weeks.

That is it for now! More later!