Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wow - Time Flies

It is already mid may and I am not quite ready for what is coming at the end. One thing is a blessing and I am so looking forward to - our cruise. We are as a family going on a cruise! Our best friends, the Keelings are going also. This will be so much fun.
The sad part is on Wednesday after we get back, Timothy heads to Athens for the summer. He is interning with a youth minister friend we have there. It will be a great thing for him, after all he has been through lately. He will be there until he reports for football in August. Then he is at school until Christmas. Momma is having a very hard time with this. She is going to miss her oldest born very much!! I have dreaded it for a while, but I really had no idea that it would hurt so deep. For a mom, this is like cutting off part of you she is. He has been a part of our lives, day and night for so many years that it will feel very much not complete around the house if he is not here. Oh, I know that this is a good and natural thing and he is a great man and has a great head on his shoulders. It isn't that I am worried he will screw up real bad - I just plain will miss him and his presence around the home.
I guess I just need to keep myself busy and try and think of it as another stage of life we must go through with God's help. Once again I am thankful for God's faithful mercies everyday.
We are finishing up baseball (thank goodness, they have won only 2 games), football is done until summer camp, and basketball will finish up at the end of May. Jacob's team finally made it to the championship game of one of the tournaments. They lost - but got second - so we are very happy about that! I have VBS the week we get home from vacation. That will be a lot of fun and am looking forward to it.
That is about it. More later,