Friday, September 4, 2009

It's game day!! I missed last week's game because I was at Women of Faith. Which by the way was awesome!!!!! Mandissa rocked the house and Stephen Curtis Chapman made us cry and laugh. It was so good and such a fill up for my soul.

But today is game day and I am so looking forward to seeing my son play!! He had an outstanding game last week and was pursued by some people. Which made his week.
Wish us luck!!!!

Go FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's been a while

Sorry for it being so long between blogs. Football season tends to do that to this family. We go, go, go and any down time is spent with family time. Real games start this weekend, but momma is going to miss them. I am going to Women of Faith this weekend with a very dear friend of mine. I can not wait. This weekend is always such a spiritual fill up for me. And during football season, there can be not better time for that fill up. I will miss not seeing their games. I am a true football fan and love to watch my boys play.

Not much more has been going on - My grandmother (my dad's mom) had a mild stroke. She is doing really good and only has some weakness in her left leg and a lot of weakness in her left arm and hand. She is going to physical therapy for that - so that is great news.

My niece is playing volleyball at Brewton parker college. We are trying desperately to get down there and see her play. She will be playing some games here in Atlanta, so we will see - I really want to go see her and yell really loud!!

That is it for now,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Challenging week

This week has been challenging. I am a people pleaser by nature and confrontations are very hard for me - I avoid them all the time (even when I shouldn't). This week started out so awesome. We had cheerleading camp on Monday and Tuesday and just in those two days, the girls improved so much. We were so excited that they had come together so well. We also had our share of God stories. None of them will seem that big of a deal, but to us they were truly answered prayer. But then it went down hill from there and I am sure that it is Satan trying his hardest to take away our joy.

I was confronted with challenges on my faith and more importantly I was lied to. Now those that know me - trust is a huge deal to me, so this situation was the hardest to take in. I am not sure how it will all end, but I am trusting that God is in control and has a bigger plan. I am also trying to not let a few take away the joys that God gave us during camp!!!

I am the worst on verses, but I do know that God says that there will be trouble in this world, but to take heart because he has already conquered this world. I believe that will be my verse this week.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

got to get better at this....

I really need to to get better at this blogging. Things here at the Howard household have picked up tremondously. One word for that.......FOOTBALL!!!! Matthew and Jacob started last week. They are playing for West Forsyth feeder program. Matthew is on the 7th grade team and Jacob is on the 5th grade team. Timothy and Stephen started this week. Timothy and Stephen also leave for football camp this Sunday. I will be at cheerleading camp on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I know we are crazy. I am really enjoying working with the cheerleaders. They are a great group of gals!!
I am dreading starting school and am putting it off for as long as I can. I don't think we will start until Timothy starts with Veritas. I have really enjoyed not doing any school this summer.
That is really all there is to tell for the moment. See you guys around....

God Bless,


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Lately, Wow - I feel like I have been away for months. Between traveling to Pennsylvania and our trips and staykations and then camp - I feel lost in my own house. This past week was camp and was it exhausting. This was Fine Arts Camp at North Lanier and me and Trish teach the American Girl class. We love doing this - especially me - it lets met get some of that girliness out of me. We do a different doll each year - this year it was Julie - from the 70's. We made tye dyed shirts, name necklaces, blue jean purses and macromae belts. It was fun but a lot of work. And since I just got home Sunday and camp started Monday - my house was left to sit and stay dirty. So today is meant for me to clean.... UGGG!! But I did promise to post some pictures for you.......

All of us on the golf course

Stephen and Jeff at the hole Stephen "eagled"

The love of my life...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We are in Arizona right now. We have a dear friend that Stephen met in college and since we were dating, he became a great friend of mine also. His girlfriend at that time has since become his wife and a very close friend also. For about 7 to 8 years now, we try to get away with them once a year. We usually do this in July and the guys pick where they want to golf. Our only conditions are that there is a pool, spa and shopping. This trip has over the years become a time that I treasure with these people. They live in Savannah and are just as busy as we are with their kids, so we really don't see each other that much. We have had some awesome times, some not-so awesome times, but I wouldn't trade this time for anything.
So... We are in Arizona this time. The temperatures have been around 105 - today it is around 114. There is no humidity, so it does not seem that hot - but it is! We have enjoyed some golf. Me and his wife alway go with them one day and drive the carts and act like caddies - we are more like their own personal photographers. We would rather take pictures then figure out what iron or wood that they should use. But it is alway fun. The other day - they play golf while we shop, go to the spa or whatever! We shopped and went to see "The Proposal". We had a great time. Today is a day to just spend time together and have fun. We have spent time at the pool and now we will be heading to shopping (probably to pick up things for the kids we left behind.)

I am learning to treasure times like these more - I guess that comes with age - but they are true blue friends that have seem us through some very trying times in the past and I will be forever grateful for their friendship. I am also learning to appreciate the places that I get to see - and this place is a sure sign that God loves art. What he has done with the landscape in this area is truly breathtaking. I wish I had more time to enjoy it. (maybe even some cooler weather).

I am also truly grateful for Trisha who took my kids at the last minute - when my other babysitter fell through. She has been such a heaven sent friend. I am not too sure how I will repay her.

Well that is it for now - I will try and post pictures.


Friday, July 3, 2009

A day at the airport.....

Wow! I sat at the airport for around 11 hours, trying very hard to get on a flight to anywhere in Pennsylvania. I am going there to go to my Grandma's furneral. I was able to get Matthew on the first flight out with his grandparents (my mom and dad). There were mix ups and mess ups along the way - but my husband came through in the end. He found a flight to Harrisburg that had seats and we got me listed and finally on a plane. I reached my destination around 10:30 pm and got to the hotel around midnight.

It is a blessing that my dad worked and now is retired from Delta and for that I am so grateful for all the places we have gone over the years and that I can still fly for really cheap. But sometimes trying to go somewhere stand-by can be a bear. But if we must look to positive side of things - I did finish my book, a knitted two caps for my American girl camp and enjoyed "people watching". The wait was not bad - it was just the fact of not knowing if I would get on the next flight.

So....... I am here and looking forward to seeing family that we don't usually get to see and celebrating my grandma's life. She was amazing. She was bigger than life to me and I loved the idea of remembering her that way.

Love you Grandma and say hello to Jesus for me!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

catching up

I guess there is a lot to catch up with....
First, my grandmother passed away today. I really don't know what my feelings on this are. I just know she is in a much better place and in no more pain or suffering. And for that I praise him for showing his mercy and not making her hang on any longer. But selfishly, I will miss her. I will miss her presence. She had such presence. So I am sad for the loss in my life and my children's lives. So I guess I will be traveling back to Pennsylvania this week.

On another, more happier note, our staykation went good. I don't believe we will be doing that again. We had a hard time breaking away from things we really need to break away from on vacation. Me, housework and chores; Stephen, work; and the kids, their friends and activities. We keep so busy during the year that we really need to go away and break far away from those things. But on the positive note - we really enjoyed all the places we went and what we got to see.

Timothy is off to football camp and me and Stephen are heading to Phoenix next week to go on a golf trip with good friends from college. I am so looking forward to this trip. We enjoy getting away as a couple also. It's nice.

I think that is all for now, I will post more later.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A prayer request

I just wanted to put this out there and ask that you pray for some friends of ours, the Westbrooks. We have gotten to know this family through friends, and sports. They are such an awesome family with such awesome kids. Well, they are trying to adopt a down syndrome little girl and are trying to raise money for their travels. I am putting the link to her blog - read about their adventure - you just might be inspired - I know I am every time I read it.

Thanks for your prayers,


it's a crazy life....

Life in the Howard house has been crazy - but that should give me a sense of calm. Since that usually means things are fine and normal.
Timothy is recovering great from his surgery. He is doing all his physical therapy and working hard to get his knees stronger.
My sister and I traveled to Pennsylvania this past Thursday. We drove all day Thursday and spend Friday and Saturday visiting my Grandma, Lee (grandma's husband), and any other relatives we could fit in. My Grandma, wow, I wish I could describe what she was. I just remember her as a women full of life. She was always dressed to kill and had every perfect accessory. Her hair always just perfect. Her house was perfectly decorated and I do believe it is what has inspired my decorating. It was as if you were in Williamsburg. I just loved visiting her and being at that house. Going to see her now in the hospice nursing home was very hard. For what she is holding on for, I am not sure. She will not eat, so she is slowing fading. When me and my sister walked in though - her whole face changed. Deep in there - I could see my grandma and every so often she would get an expression on her face and i knew she was in there somewhere. But the honest truth is I wanted to say to her - "go, we will be fine." I didn't mainly because I don't know if that is my place and my one aunt is far from ready to say goodbye. But I know where my Grandma is going and I know it will be a far better place that where she is now.
We also went to see Lee. My grandfather died when i was just a baby and my grandma married Lee. Lee was our grandfather. He was an awesome grandfather. He is struggling also. The list of things wrong with him is long. But what is so sweet to see is that while visiting them both - they long to be together. He is convinced that as soon as he gets better and stronger he will be able to bring her home and take care of her (not, ever going to happen). They don't make love like that anymore.
Today we start our family vacation - we are staying home and visiting all that this city has to offer. Hopefully we will have a great week and enjoy the time we have together. Time is swift and if we are not careful - we will forget to gather the memories as we walk along. I pray God reminds me often to pick up the memories and store them away.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

timothy's surgery

Timothy's surgery went great! We got there at 6:00 am and were home by 8:30 am. The doctor says that everything went great and no surprises when they got in there. So praise God for all that good news. Now, I am trying to deal with a 16 year old boy that feels like he can still do all things - even on drugs???
He did want to go to the braves game, so we went. Stephen, Matthew and Jacob are all out of town, so it was just me and him. He hobbled about 1/3 of the way from the car to the stadium, when he was picked up by a Braves golf cart and then met with a wheelchair to take us to our seats. The braves guys even helped me get our dinner back to our seats. Very nice people - except, someone stole our wheelchair after the game - so we crutched all the way back to the car - he was exhausted. But all is good. Here are some pictures of our adventure...... (by the way thank you for all your prayers!!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Timothy's new car

forgot to post this... This is Timothy with his new car!!!


this week

This week is going to be different for me - I just hope I can use it for all I need to. Matthew is at World Changers in Tallahassee. So please be in prayer for his group there. Also, Jacob went to my brother's house for the week in Charlotte with my parents. I was suppose to be going there - but Timothy's surgery got scheduled for Tuesday - so I could not go. Stephen leaves tomorrow on his annual golf trip with the guys. They play 36 holes of golf a day. So, I am at home with just Timothy - which basically means I am home alone. He is gone all day. Tomorrow he has his knee surgery, so please keep him in your prayers also. It should be a very simple out patient surgery. He actually wants me and him to go to the Braves game tomorrow night. We will have to wait and see. So I have a week off from being mom and wife. Not sure what to do with that kind of time. I know it will include some poolside time and some catching up on reading time. Also keep my mom's mom and step dad (my grandma and the only grandpa I have known) in your prayers. Both are basically on death's bed and we are all just waiting to hear. Thanks and sorry about all the prayer request.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a beautiful day

Today we went to the Sawnee Mountain Preserve and hiked up the mountain. It was such a pretty day. We really enjoyed the day. Also, just keep my grandmother in your prayers. She is not doing good and my mom and aunts are trying to figure out what to do. Me and my sister are trying to decide if we want to travel up there and see her - since it might be the last time. Just keep all of that in your prayers.

Friday, May 29, 2009

braves stadium

We went to do a tour of Turner Field today. We had fun and it was very interesting. It amazes me how excited we get to just see and be where a major league baseball player has been. I believe the hi-light of the day was seeing Chipper Jones underwear hanging in his locker. Oh well, here are some pictures.....

Yes, this is Chipper's locker - what a slob!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Ok, so you have probably already guessed that I am a closet Trekkie! Believe it or not, me and Stephen actually have the costumes to show for it! Long time ago - I will have to track it down and show you guys. But I must say - that I wanted to see this new Star Trek movie and was so excited that my family agreed. I just wanted to recommend it to you guys. Even if you don't like Star Trek - you will enjoy the movie. It was very well done!! I honestly believed that this young kid was James T. Kirk!!
Told you I had pictures - Now Kami and Rick are going to kill me for posting this picture!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

it has been awhile

It has been awhile - my parents were in town this past week. So on top of our usual busy schedule - we had my parents, and my birthday. Now don't get me wrong - I love having my parents. They used to live right behind us and we got to see them alot - they have since moved to Florida and we get to see them every 3 months or so. It was great to have my mom here - we got to go shopping and spend some time just talking - LOVE IT!! I do miss not having her closer. I also worry for my parents. They take care of my grandmother. Now she can take care of herself pretty much. But she can not drive and her memory seems to be going. The worst part is she treats my parents pretty badly - she tells everyone how bad they are and all the things they won't do for her. This has taken a toll on my parents health and I so wish there was something I could do. They can not afford assisted living, so she lives with them. It is hard to watch and know there really isn't anything you can do. But it was nice to have them here and get their minds off things. My grand mother came with them and at one point she just kept saying she wished she would just die. I could go on, but just know that prayers are needed for them.

My birthday and mother's day were great!! For mother's day we went to see Star Trek!! YEA!! I am such a trekkie and I just loved this movie - I loved even more that we got to go see it as a family!! This is something we don't do much of. Stephen and I also went walking. We are starting to make this a Sunday afternoon habit - I love it - one on one time with him and exercising all at the same time!!

Thursday was National Day of Prayer and we headed down to the Capitol. Our homeschool group has taken part and at times ran this program at the Capitol for about 6 years. This year our group did the pledge and Timothy was asked to be on of the people that prayed. Talk about a proud mama!! He did so good!! The whole service was wonderful and so awesome to see. I kept telling my kids that there may be a day we won't be allowed to do this, so we must always take this opportunity to be there. I was very disappointed in our President, who chose to not take part in this day.

Here is Timothy praying.

The kids leading the Pledge.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A crazy couple of days

Yesterday started as a very normal day - Timothy was feeling a little under the weather and so he stayed home from classes. We went to the gym (YEA!!) and worked out and then got ready for the crazy evening. Spring football has started so, we went to spring football, and I was working with the new cheerleading squad we have. Me and Timothy had to leave early and head to his baseball game at 8:00 at Bennett Park. About 1 hour and 30 minutes into the game, Timothy is up to bat and "bam" he hits a shot to centerfield - YEA!! My husband, who is coaching first base is watching the ball fall and waving Timothy desperatly around the bases. What he didn't see is that Timothy had crumbled in a ball at home plate and was going nowhere. He is crying for Stephen to get to him - of course we all run to him and his knee cap is on the side of his leg instead of the top - NOT GOOD!! They call an ambulance and they are putting IV's into his arm right there on the field and as they are trying to get him in a stretcher - the knee cap pops back in. So, in Timothy's eyes - he is ready to play the rest of the game - not so, says Dad. So I followed the ambulance to Gainesville Hospital and we had it x-rayed. There is no damage physical done to the knee, it just needs time to heal and it looks like this is a genetic thing and something he is just going to have to deal with.

Now, I have to say that being a mom is hard here. I love this boy and I know his heart - I know what things are important to him and what his dreams are and it is hard to see him think it is all over for him (in sports). As an adult, I know this is just a very small set back and things will be fine soon - but I also know he hurts and his frustrated with the situation. I don't like being in the middle of these two feelings 1. hurting because your child hurts and 2. knowing it will fine and just letting it heal correctly. I hope that make sense.

I pray God gives me the patience to walk this walk with Timothy. I also know that this is one of those road blocks I was talking about in my previous post.

Please keep him in your prayers - one that it heals fine and quickly and that he will have a patient heart with this process.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

what a glorious day that the Lord has made

Today was one of those days that you wish will never end. It started out in church. I truly love to worship with music and Browns Bridge knows how to do it!! Andy preached an awesome sermon! I highly recommend you listen to this sermon on their website. It was about God and Country and simply put - Andy rocked on!! I guess the real truth is that God rocked on through Andy.

Later this afternoon, me and my husband went to the park to walk. It was such a beautiful day that I just couldn't stay inside and I didn't want to do yard work - did I mention that I hate yard work?? We walked almost 3 miles, but the best part is that we spent some quiet, uninterupted time together - no tv, no chores, no kids, no computer - can I get an AMEN!!! It was an awesome hour of just me and him. It seems so simple but when the busyiness of life takes over - you forget to take some "simple" time. I truly loved every minute with him and all the conversations we had during that walk. I want so much to try and make that something we do more often. What a huge blessing from God.

I am also reading the book "Crazy Love" - don't have it here, so I don't know the author - but I highly recommend it. It is one of the most convicting books that I have read in awhile. I am realizing that I have so much growth to do in my walk with God. I am also realizing some of the speed bumps in my way. They are big ones in my eyes - so I am asking God to work on me with these. One of my favorite sayings in this book is this - God give me the grace to rise and follow - that is my prayer and hope.

What a glorious day that the Lord has made and I will be glad in it!!!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of those days.......

Have you ever had one of those days - many reasons why it could be. Well, I did today. It seemed that at every turn God was changing up things that I thought were so set in stone - that they were the farthest from my mind. Now, I am one of those gals that has a lot on my plate - probably more than I should, but once something seems to fall in place or is in its normal routine - I take it off my plate and move on. Well, today God seemed to keep putting things back on my plate. I must say - it threw me off completely. Now, I or should I say we are back to the drawing board and are having to make decisions again. Do we stay with something or do we leave. Both decisions right now seem very painful. So I guess my prayer today is just the grace to accept things I can not change and the willingness to move on or change things, if that is what God's plan for us is. So I guess I should add patience to the mix. That is something I don't ever have enough of.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Since I haven't written in awhile - I thought I would catch you up on me. I am keeping busy with school, sports, co-op, and HESS - my homeschool group. I am counting the days until school is done - I am so ready to have some days to do fun stuff. The boys are begging to climb Sawnee Mountain and I would like to too.
We have also decided that we will be doing a staykation this year. We will have a week to see what Atlanta has to offer. We (or should I say, my husband - but I agree) that we should save some money and just enjoy a week of hopping around town. Aquarium, coke cola museum, braves, and stone mountain. It really should be fun!!
This is my 5th week of working out and I am so proud of myself - if that is ok. I have been to the gym 3 times a week for the 5 weeks. I have no self discipline - so I am very proud of me!! I have lost a little, but I know this is bigger than weight - I really need to just get my body in better shape.
We just bought Timothy a car. It was an old one that my dad was getting rid of - but he is very excited and we look forward to him having his own car and helping us out with all the driving around.
That is about it for now. I will catch you up on more later!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

We have made it back and are trying so hard to get back into the routine. Our spring break week was fun and full of blessing. Me, Matthew and Jacob traveled with some great friends, the Fullers. We headed to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum. Along the way we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The Factory was awesome!! We got to see them making bats for some of the superstars of the Major League. They will not allow you to take pictures in the factory - so I don't have any. We also went to a science museum in Louisville. The science museum is full of hands on stuff for the kids and adults. We really enjoyed all of it. We then headed to the Creation Museum - I have already blogged about it - so I won't go into it - BUT it is well worth the drive to see. The next day we went to Cinncinnati to see the Newport Aquarium - can't say I am overly impressed with it. It was nice but very small and not worth the money we spent to go. My boys would of much rather gone to a Red's game. I must admit - so would have I. Thursday we started to head home, but found that a historical place was on our way - This was the very first high school in America to desegergate. This school did it 1 year before the school in Little Rock that gets all the attention. It was a small little museum honoring those 12 kids that went to the school. It was very well done and very interesting. I can't remember the name - but I will post it later.

Thursday we got home and so did Timothy. Timothy spent his spring break in Puerto Rico on a mission trip. He was very tired but still wanted to share his experiences with us. What a blessing (and that doesn't even seem like a big enough word for it) to have your child so excited about sharing the gospel to others. I don't know if there is anything more special, other than when they come to the Lord, than knowing that your child has a heart for others and seeing those know the Lord. Timothy is going through so much and feeling God leading him in his life right now - that me and Stephen are just enjoying watching this fine young man grow.

We also got to go to a Good Friday service. What a blessing that night was. Very powerful music and prayer time. We so enjoyed it. The night was topped off with dinner with the Bonds (that is Timothy's girlfriend's family and our great friends).

I hope that everyone got a chance to stop and think of all God has given us and especially the ultimate gift of His Son, Jesus. What a gift!!!! The best part of Sunday morning was celebrating the Risen Son!!! My God Lives and I am so blessed to know Him!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

creation museum

Tuesday we went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I must admit that I wasn't too sure what to expect. Would it be interesting? Well, we get there 30 minutes before opening and the parking lot is already full and a line for tickets. We paid for our tickets and bought a few of the extra things - planetarium, etc. We figured if we drove this far to see it - we might as well do it all. We didn't leave till almost 5:00 pm. It was so good. The kids loved it also. It is divided into 6 parts. They call it the 6 "C"'s of creation. Each section was done a little different so you never got bored with the displays. Everything they did and said was backed up with scripture. I can not recommend this enough. I highly recommend that you go when it is warm because their resurrection garden is beautiful. We went through it very quickly - it was very cold.

Can I add the bookstore is to die for. I LOVE books!!! So this was a huge temptation to me. But I did well, I only bought one book for me. I believe I will go on their website and order another one that I put back - but that is great for me!! I think with it being Holy Week - this was a great thing to do. The story of salvation is also put out there. Loved it!!!!!!

I have attached some pictures......

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Timothy left

Timothy left today for his mission trip in Puerto Rico. Please pray for him and his team that they do all that God has for them. The city they are going to is called the "city of witches" so also pray for a hedge of protection around them and they work in the community. Wednesday night Timothy is doing the devotion - so again pray for wisdom and knowledge for him. Thanks guys and you can follow them at



Thursday, April 2, 2009

My day

What started off as "not going to be a great day", has been close to great. I had to wake up very early to drive to a doctor's appointment in Swanee at 9:00 am. I had to get a heart ultersound, heart ct and stress test done. The first two were easy I just layed there - the stress test was tough - for the simple fact, I am out of shape. After the appointment was over I decided to stop at the Mall of Georgia (or around the mall) and shop at Lifeway (love this one) and goodwill in Buford. It was great, just knowing that I didn't have to be anywhere. Then I grabbed something to eat - just a sandwich and water - no fries. And headed to the Cumming area. I went to the gym and worked out and then went had had my nails done. How awesome is that? I guess maybe those moms who have all their kids in school and don't work outside the home get these types of days more often. But I think I won't trade my kids in yet - I think if I had this too often - it wouldn't be so special. Now, the doctor office is not special, but the rest of it was.

Tonight we are going out to dinner as a family - another treat we don't do enough. The reason being that Timothy leaves Saturday for Puerto Rico (his mission trip) and me and the other boys are leaving Sunday for our spring break adventure, and Stephen will be out of town on business. So it will be nice to have a night where everyone is stuck at the table and has to enjoy each other. It really isn't that bad.

For our spring break adventure, we are going to Kentucky to see Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, the Louisville Slugger Museum, The Creation Museum, and then heading to Ohio to go to the Cinncinnati Zoo. We are so looking forward to this trip.

See you guys when we get back!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I made it to the gym today WOW day 1. I figured since I am having all these health issues that I should try and take care of myself. I walked on the treadmill for 30 mins and then did some arm exercises. Now, my son (Timothy), was helping me figure out how to use these machines. Once I got started I believe he called me a "wimp". I could barely do the 10 pounds = guys, this is adding no weight to the machine. It was sad!!! I really am a wimp. But I keep telling myself that I have to start somewhere.

I have also cut out Coke. I believe this will be the hardest part. Not sure I can do that. But again, we will take baby steps. I need to get my blood pressure down.

Wish me luck!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kennesaw Mountain

Me and boys went to Kennesaw today. Matthew and Jacob are studying the civil war - and it has been a lifetime since we went - so we went today. What a gorgeous day it was - not too hot and not too cold. We did the school things and read all that we needed to read and then the boys got the bright idea that we could walk all the way up. Well, I will not be out done by my boys - so up we went. OH MY GOODNESS, I need to exercise more. I am so out of shape. Jacob of course ran up the mountain, Timothy right behind him - he would stop every so often to let me and Matthew get is sight range of him. Me and Matthew came up the rear. I almost called it quits when Matthew say "I think I see building." So just 25 yards in front of us was the top. I MADE IT!! Can I just say again - that I need to exercise more........

The view was so worth it - it was a beautiful clear day and you could see forever. What a blessing that God gave us today. Then came another blessing - Timothy offered to run down the mountain and get the car and drive it up to the top - so we could have our picnic lunch at the top. It was great!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love American History and this was such a treat for me. I love it when we can learn about this awesome country and all it's growing pains. The more we know of it's history the better prepared we are to go forward to the future and not repeat these mistakes again. I will not lecture. - but I do feel that the founding fathers would be so disappointed in what we have done with the country they sacrificed their lives to build.

Here are some pictures....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We have our bathrooms back!!!! YEA!!! Never thought I would get that excited about bathrooms!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Day

Another day with no water. I have a very good friend that reminded me that I have always said that I wanted to live in colonial times. Well, I haven't felt that far off. Everytime I (and I say "I" because the boys can go in the woods) need to go - I have to head to my neighbors house. You have no idea how much you take your bathroom for granted.

Seriously, I am going to say what I am thankful for....

1. that it didn't flood the house.
2. we have the money to pay for the repairs.
3. we have neighbors that don't care how many times we use their bathroom. (A TRUE
4. That I have a husband that can handle all this. He is awesome!!

I am determined that Satan is not going to take my joy from the weekend.

Just thought I would put the blessing down - so I could be reminded of them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What an awesome weekend! Watching these kids worship so freely and see their hearts for the Lord - it give such hope for the future. Sometimes the news of the day can give us the feeling of "Is there any hope?" - is God there? Well watching these kids could leave anyone with the feeling of hope. I so enjoyed being a part of this weekend. I can not imagine missing such a great time of worship, prayer, fun and fellowship.

I had a group of 8 9th grade girls - these girls are awesome!! They have such strong faith and really want to live it out! They also are just plain sweet girls. Now, I am a mom to 3 wonderful boys. I love them and love the life we have with them, but it is so nice to have some girl time. These girls are so gracious to let me love them and be a part of their walk in life.

Now, the reason I know that God was with us this weekend and that I so was filled this weekend - is that Satan is working double hard to rob me of my joy! After the first night, we had to move all of us (me and the girls) to another house. Our septic tank is not draining and we are very close to flooding the basement level. So me and girls moved to another house. When I get home today - the problem is growing worse by the moment and we are not allowed to use the bathroom or run any water at all - in fear of flooding the house. We have about 3 other issues going on with the house also - all of them will probably be money involved and to say the least I have a very stressed husband and we are looking at moving into a hotel room.

So............................................... I am trying very hard to tell Satan to get out!!! Wish me luck!

oh, by the way, the dog ran away also.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Tonight will start Krav! This will be an awesome weekend for the kids. They will have bible studies at their host homes, worship and teachings at the church and a lot of fun stuff also - which I believe is top secret. I just ask that people pray for this weekend and the kids leave it fired up for God!

On a personal note - Timothy will be taking the SAT tomorrow - so you could add that to your prayer - that would be great!!

We will see you guys at the other end!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yo Yo Johnny

Wanting to give a shout out to Johnny (our youth minister) - HEY!! Don't you feel special now?

Timothy and Matthew have their Krav weekend this coming weekend. It is a great weekend filled with worship, fun and just diving into God's word. I love this weekend especially because I always get girls for the weekend. You see each age group/sex (sorry, Chickfila customers - inside joke). ex: 6th grade girls will stay at someones house for the whole weekend. I have the 9th grade girls this weekend. These girls are awesome!! They are such a great group of Christian girls. They all sleep in my basement and have their Bible studies down their with their counselor. I am so looking forward to having them here and enjoying the time with them.

It is a little crazy - but who doesn't want a little crazy in their life ever so often????

I will have to explain the Chickfila inside joke later. I am too tired to go into it tonight.

p.s. could I have said the word "weekend" a few more times??? A clear sign of how tired I am.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Can I tell you how glad I am that it is Friday!! This weekend looks light - which makes it even better. We have no baseball - YEA! (Even though I am looking forward to baseball).

Timothy is going to a highschool football combine Saturday. This is where high school football players from all over the state come and compete against each other. They are ranked and these rankings are sent to college recruiters. I think he really feels like he is going to be humbled tomorrow - but I think he is better than even he thinks. Please pray for him - this is something he really wants to pursue after high school. He would love it if some small college snatched him up to play football. Ultimately, we want God's will, but until God lets us know different we are going to encourage him to pursue his dreams. He really is a great leader on the field and his teammates are always so encouraging to him! So... just pray for him and his teammates as they go and compete. It would be great to just have a homeschool player do well.

This is Timothy's hi-light video.......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be still

Today at bible study we are reading through the Bible and we are at the part where Moses knows that he is going to die and that they will be going to the promise land. He is reading off chapters of rules and laws that they are to obey - now, these weren't just rules to be mean - they were set up by God to help protect these people from outsiders and other idols. But one of the things we discussed was the idea of being still and waiting on God - which the Isrealites had a huge problem with - ok, so do we.

I am blown away by this whole idea every time I study it or discuss it. Being still. If you know me - that is a challenge in itself. Being still, being patient on God. But what I got from my lesson today which I don't believe I have in the past is this.... While you are being still - be in God's Word. It makes sense - how can you hear His voice in the stillness - if you are not in His Word. I really need to practice this being still thing - but I so need to add the being in His Word.

This is my challenge to myself. BE STILL and stay in His Word until it is clear and peace rules.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner Saturday Night

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Alyson's parents. Alyson is Timothy's girlfriend. We have known them for a few years now, but since our kids have decided to like each other - we have formed a close friendship. You see, Timothy and Alyson were not allowed to date when they first decided they liked each other. Matter of fact, Alyson is still not allowed to go out on a date. They spend their time together with either us, as a family, or with her family. I must admit, this is something I suggest for any couple - no matter how old they are. We have gotten to know her and know how she feels about things and what she believes in. The same is true for her family and Timothy. The truth of the matter is that it will be us, the parents, that need therapy when they break up (if they do). So as parents, we have discussed how we would like things to go and when questions arise - we always talk to each other and see how each other stands. Too good to be true? I know, but it is. They are great Christian parents, friends and people.

We enjoyed our evening with them and suprising enough, we didn't talk about the kids the whole time. We realized that we have a lot in common just as friends, and that was nice.

But I must admit - it has been such a blessing to walk through this experience with two wonderful Christian parents along side of us. God is good and provides for our needs!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes, I am screaming!!

I am trying to get all the stuff together for our co-op that starts up again on Thursday. It is pioneer day and I am doing art and daily life with 1st and 2nd graders. We are going to make covered wagons and talk about what they would have carried with them as they traveled west. Well.................................... while trying to get all my supplies together, I realized one thing..............

It is driving me crazy. My school room is a mess and I need to organize, but really don't have the room for everything. ok, so I am using this blog today to vent - I am hoping it will make me feel better.

I am also behind on my daily bible readings. So the answer to this.... get off this computer and do something about it.

So I will talk to you later.........

p.s. thanks for letting me vent.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today is Friday, thank goodness. I am so looking forward to the weekend. Stephen and I will be going out with some great friends on Saturday and I am looking forward to that.

Some very special girls from church have definately given me a chuckle today. They are going to see Jonus Brothers (I have no idea if I spelled that right) movie today. They are so excited - I mean they can not stop laughing. It is adorable. I remember feeling that way about Shaun Cassidy and Donny Osmond. I used to have purple socks, pillowcase and anything else purple they sold - it was Donny's favorite color. See even us old guys were crazy in our younger days.
I have included some pictures to let you know how hunky these guys were.........