Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Birthday Bash

This weekend is our annual birthday bash. All my parents' grandchildren's birthdays are in the fall. Every year during the labor day weekend - we have a huge birthday party. We take turns having it in Atlanta and Charlotte. This year it is in Charlotte at Scott's house. Unfortunetly Matthew had a game, so Stephen, Matthew and Timothy stayed home.

So..... me and Jacob headed to Charlotte. We have had a really good time. We have gone to the reenactment of the Revolutionary War Battle of Charlotte. The girls went shopping and we had our birthday party! Today Jacob's uncles took him to play golf - they will be rewarded in heaven for that! Jacob and I will be heading home today.

Football is going good - All the boys have won all their games so far - so we are all still a happy household. Jacob and Matthew have sustained some injuries - but so far nothing tooo major.

That is my quick update