Saturday, November 27, 2010


As we celebrated this Thanksgiving, I really thought of all the things I am thankful for. I don't know if it is my age or what - but some days God just opens a door and lets me see how blessed I really am. I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for.....

Jesus, my Savior!! What a wonderful blessing of Grace he gives me each and everyday!!

My husband. In the past 21 years we have been through a lot, but I am thankful that God has brought us through it and grown both of us in our marriage and walk with Him. Stephen is a wonderful husband, father, provider, friend, and life partner! I am thankful that God gave him to me.

My children. What awesome children they are. All of them are growing up to be such great Christian guys. There are days that God gives me a glimpse of what he is doing in their lives and I am in awe!!

My family. I have the best parents in the whole wide world. I love them so much and am thankful for all they sacrificed and gave up for us and for the love they continue to show every day. My sister, brother, sister-n-law, brother-n-law. They are such great people and I love being around them. I love the way we still laugh all the time when we are together.

My in-love family. God could not of blessed me with a better family to marry into. We are all very close and I love each and every one of them!!! They make family so much fun!! All my sweet, sweet nieces and very handsome nephews!

Keelings - we have been friends for 20 years. They have been there for us in some dark times and we will always be grateful to them. They continue to be a huge blessing to us and we love them so much.

Matthews - this is a couple that we have been friends with for over 22 years. They also have been with us through some rough times and vice versa. We are so very thankful that God continues to let them be a part of our lives.

Girlfriends - what would I be without them??????? Tricia, Susan, Karla, Alison, Susan, Wendy, Becki, Julie, and I am I know there are more. I am thankful for all the coffee and late nights these gals have given me!!

New Friends - Isn't it funny how God brings people into your lives and after just a short time you think, Wow, how did me get along without them? I have some of those and I am very thankful for them!! I don't think they realize how much they have meant to me the past couple of months.

Jobs, our dog, a sweet, sweet girl Joy that always gives from her heart!, for friends that have the calling to adopt and love unwanted children, Christian football coaches, vacations, coke, chocolate, football season, romance novels, and the Halllmark Channel.

I know I have left off a lot and some that are really important. But God knows my heart and so they are well covered.

I am blessed,


Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I watched my son play football for possibly the last time. Some might not think that that is such a big deal - but football has been a part of who he is since Kindergarten. Timothy has loved this game for so long and still wants to pursue playing it in college. We will see.... But as I think about this so much comes to mind.

Timothy started in kindergarten and played for the North Gwinnett Bulldogs - at this age, they were required to get each player in for at least 3 plays. Timothy played 3 plays each game. He really didn't care - he just loved playing the game and being on the team. The next 5 or 6 years he played at Midway and had 2 coaches the whole time. With these two coaches coaching together almost the whole time. Coach C taught timothy the proper way to do everything - tackle, block, run, stand, stance - Timothy developed is to such a good player under Coach C. I still see things today that Timothy does that I know came from Coach C. Coach S. was just an awesome christian man. He was a great coach, but what he brought into Timothy's life was such an awesome example of how he should lead his life and how to grow into the man God wanted him to be. These two men grew timothy as a player and person and I am so grateful for them.

Timothy then started Falcon football. This was a new experience for him - a little less structure - ok a lot less structure than he was used to but Dad got to coach and he finally got to play with his best friend. He also was put into a brand new position - quarterback. These past 5 years with the falcons have been such a growing time for Timothy. He was thrust into the varsity qb position as a freshmen and had to learn quickly. He had great coaches that were patient with him and help to develop his skills. Now, I wouldn't say he was the most polished qb but boy he has grown into one of the best in our league and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Tomorrow he will set foot on the football field for possibly the last time and with it he has gotten many awards, honors and titles. Many of those he will remember forever and others not so important. But what he will have is years of memories with some great guys, leadership qualities, and loyalty. those I think are the most important.

He got hurt a couple of weeks ago and we had to play a playoff game without him most of the game. He told me that he felt that was God's way of letting him know it is not about him but about his team and he was so proud of that team.

Timothy is heading in a new path in life - which might include more football or it might not, but whatever it includes, I know that football and been such a great influence on him and who he is and who we are as a family!!!

I thank God for these opportunities and lessons that he has given us.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Birthday Bash

This weekend is our annual birthday bash. All my parents' grandchildren's birthdays are in the fall. Every year during the labor day weekend - we have a huge birthday party. We take turns having it in Atlanta and Charlotte. This year it is in Charlotte at Scott's house. Unfortunetly Matthew had a game, so Stephen, Matthew and Timothy stayed home.

So..... me and Jacob headed to Charlotte. We have had a really good time. We have gone to the reenactment of the Revolutionary War Battle of Charlotte. The girls went shopping and we had our birthday party! Today Jacob's uncles took him to play golf - they will be rewarded in heaven for that! Jacob and I will be heading home today.

Football is going good - All the boys have won all their games so far - so we are all still a happy household. Jacob and Matthew have sustained some injuries - but so far nothing tooo major.

That is my quick update

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing Catch up AGAIN!

Wow, so much to has gone on...

Football season has started and I must say it is very much a love/hate relationship. I love football games and cheering but I hate the time away from my husband that it brings. We have to work extra hard to find time for each other. But this time will be gone soon, so I choose to enjoy these moments we have with our kids.

We did get away to the beach right before football hit. We had a wonderful trip and it was well needed family time for us. My parents got to come for a few days and that was nice. Not much to tell - we all just relaxed and read a lot of books - the way a beach trip should be..

My parents with the kids

My Boys!!!!

The Family

My dad with the boys!

I will be starting school next week. Timothy will head to Reinhardt for his classes. Matthew will start Vertitas and me and Jacob will start our school.
Timothy will be graduating on December 16th. Can you believe it? I can't. He turns 18 in little over a week. Wow - how time flys!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

It's football time again!!! Love this video!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This past Tuesday night Stephen and I got a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stephen is a big customer of Xerox and Xerox is the main sponsor of Sting's world tour. So Xerox brought us in to Chastain Park. We got to go to the sound check before the concert. Now, before we entered we were given a ton of rules that we needed to follow. I really was concerned that Sting was going to be a jerk. A real prima donna. But we got to the sound check and he was awesome. He was funny and really interacted with us. During the sound check, he brought up several of us to sing with him. He invited Stephen up on stage to sing - but can you believe it - Stephen said "No, I can't sing"!! Can you believe it! After sound check we were able to go up on stage and meet him and get our picture taken with him. It was such a treat!!

The concert was great also! He performed with the London orchestra. We had so much fun! When we get the picture I will post it. They wouldn't allow us to have cameras, but Xerox took some for us.

Other than that we have been very busy this summer with football camps. Right now we have two colleges looking at Timothy. We are very excited about one - I pray that it may work out. But I am sure that God will lead us to the one that He wants us to go to. We have a few more to go to this summer. We will be going to Shorter and UTC camps in the next couple of weeks.

That is it for now! More later!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Missing Parts

It is funny how when all the people in your family are at home and life is running it's normal crazy self, you don't realize how each part is important. It is when one of those pieces is missing that things just don't seem right.

Can you tell I am missing my son? My middle son is off with his best friend in Florida. They are working on his friend's grandparent's sheep farm. He has been gone for over a week and Stephen and I miss him terribly. It just feels like the family is off sync.

I am learning that each member of our family brings things to the table that make our family work. When one of us is not there - it is off. He will be home at the end of the week, but then leaves next week for his World Changer's mission trip. What is a mama to do?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I thought I would let you know about some books I am reading this summer. They are not my usual Christian romance books, but I am enjoying them.

The first one is "Green Like God" by Jonathan Merritt. Matthew had to read and discuss this one for his science class. I don't agree with everything in this book - but it definitely give you food for thought.

The next one is Scrap Cotton by Floe Ellen Penley. It is a simple book written in diary form by a lady that grew up in Forsyth County in the early 1900s. It has been fun to read about people we only know from street sign names.

The one I am reading right now is Radical by David Platt. Not very far into this one - but it is very good - It is how we have Americanized the Christian faith - a lot of food for thought in this one also.

Just thought I would share these with you...... Enjoy your summer!


Playing Catch up

I am just going to try and catch you up on our lives. We have been on a roller coaster ride lately. First night, Matthew's team that has gone undefeated this year lost and got second place in the end of the season tournament. Matthew was up to bat with the tying run on second and struck out. He held on for a while - hit many foul. The next night, Timothy's team won the championship. The following night we went to support our youth minister that was announcing he is leaving. I would like to add, that this is such a sad day for our family. We are so very happy for him and his family because I know God had put all this into motion and is truly leading them to this new church. God has great things in store for them. But I guess we are left with some anger - regarding the circumstances that led to this. So pray for both family, ours that we learn that God will bring glory to all things and for the Harvey family as they continue on this adventure that God has laid out for them.
Back to my story.... We went from low, high, low, and then back to high when Timothy got a call from a college. They are interested in him (to play football) and wanted to invite him to their prospect camp. This school is above what we thought Timothy would get, but we are all excited. I have resolved - in order not to stress myself out - that God has complete control of this. He has a perfect plan for Timothy and if football is part of it - he will prepare the way. I know what it meant to Timothy to have this school call. As we know more in the coming months, I will share more information.
Matthew is away in Florida with his best friend. They are working on his friend's grandparents's farm. He will be gone around 2 weeks and as soon as he gets home - he is off to a mission trip. Boy, am I going to miss that boy.
Timothy is interning with our youth minister, before he leaves. So between work, the passing league that his coaches have put together, and football camps every weekend - Timothy is very busy!!
Jacob - well he is more low key this summer - he is taking a golf camp. Right now, it is only for one week, but can be extended if he does well and enjoys it.
And mom, is trying to breath, and workout in the middle.

God is so good and we are learning more everyday to rely in Him!


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Timothy had prom last night. His girlfriend, Alyson, looked beautiful as usual. The prom committee, 6 parents, threw this together in 4 weeks. Everything looked great and the kids had a good time, I think.
I must admit I am glad that Timothy got that experience. As a homeschool mom, you want them to have some of the same opportunities that other kids have. Timothy will tell you, that really would not matter to him, prom that is. And most likely he is right. But I know to some of those girls last night, they will be happy they had that experience. Here are a couple of pictures.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is to test and see if I can send something to my blog from my phone. Just one more thing for me to do on my phone.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It started with breakfast in bed and church. I thought I might have to work last night, but that fell through, so we decided to rent a movie and have a "movie night". We rented Avatar. I didn't think I would really like this movie - but it was good - it even had a romance in it (which always keeps mommy interested). The gifts from the kids were all their doing - which makes it even more special. Matthew's small group leader took the kids out to get presents for mom. He bought me a bouquet of flowers and a musical card. Jacob made his card and stuck $5 of his own money in it. You see, the boys know I am saving up my money for a laptop. Timothy made me a spinning card that listed all the things I am to him. All these items are cherished blessings and will be stored in my hope chest. What wonderful kids I have. I also have a wonderful hubby!! I thought I would share my gifts......

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my almost 18 year old

The end of baseball season is coming and one of the father's is putting together a slide show of all the boys. Most of the boys are graduating so he is adding pictures of them when they were little. I had to go find some old pictures of Timothy for him and since I have them on my computer now, I thought I would share them with you. I can't believe he is almost 18 and will be graduating in December. Enjoy...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Or as we know it around our house - MY BIRTHDAY! How old I am really doesn't matter. I really have to think about it anyway. I don't automatically know my age anymore. I catch myself doing math in my head whenever anyone ask.

Today will be busy, but I am trying to throw in some fun stuff in between. We will see how successful I am.

Have a great Cinco De Mayo!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just wanted to add my pictures of superman. This is when we visited Metropolis, IL. Fun!!

Update on our life: busy! We will be wrapping up baseball in the next couple of weeks and football started last week . They have spring training until mid May. Timothy's summer is getting booked up with prospect camps. He is going to camp with Valdosta, Shorter, and Birmingham Southern. We are debating a few others. Just praying that God will show him his path and slam all other doors.

Here are our pictures>>>

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Five!

I am borrowing this from my niece. I thought it would be a good idea to start this Thursday off. I am suppose to list 5 things that make me happy right now.

1. That my best friend from high school and college, and my maid of honor is coming to see me today. We have not seen each other in probably 14 years. YEA!!

2. That I have such an awesome husband, that loves being a part of his family's life!!

3. That I have the privledge to homeschool my children!

4. That my children have people in their lives that strengthen their walk with God.

5. That I have 2 baseball games tonight and get to see my kids play! That won't last for long!

Yea! I did it - Thanks Mandie!!!!

Happy Thursday!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

We are home from spring break. It was a wonderful time. We went with great friends of our: The Fullers, and the Krouts. Matthew wanted to go to St. Louis - so we thought, why not?
We had such beautiful weather - God was showing off this week, that is for sure. We had a wonderful time and hopefully made some memories along the way. Here are the hi-lights.....

1. The St. Louis Gateway Arch - unbelievable! I loved it! We went to the top (all of us!!).

2. Riverboad Ride on the Mississippi!

3. St. Louis Zoo - Learned alot about the cycle of life - it must of been mating season at the zoo - so a lot of walking away quickly.

4. St. Louis City Museum - I have not words to describe this place, except - unbelievable. This is a great place for any climbers or just kids that love to roam everywhere.

5. Pappy's Bar-b-que. Voted best restaurant in St. Louis and best Barbque - It was all it says it is!!

6. Ted- Drews Custard - this place is along the historical Route 66 and has been there for over 75 years. It was very good.

7. Got to see Clark's gravesite (of Lewis and Clark)

8. Visited Metropolis, IL (official home of Superman) - this was awesome!

We also visited a cold war bomb shelter in Metropolis. We noticed it was on the side of the building and so... Tricia went inside and asked if we could see it (we are studying the cold war in history) and they let them! School - Check!!

All in all we had a wonderful time! Here are some pictures. Sorry Superman is in my disposable camera.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

What a beautiful day that the Lord has made! Absolutely beautiful today. Thank you Jesus for all that you have done for me. The best part is - he is not dead - for Sunday is coming! May you and your family have a blessed Easter holiday and may we all be reminded of all the blessing we have in our life.

This week a family that we have known for a few years through sports lost so much. The father and son (jacob's age) were in a car wreck and both passed away. I know that this family was Christian, so there is a peace in that these two precious people are in heaven this Good Friday. But I ask that you pray for the mother and sister left behind. I can not even imagine what they are going through. But once again, we are shown how precious life is and how we should take in every moment, for we do not know when it will be our last. Love the ones you are with!!

Love you all,


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Life has been crazy. We have had baseball games and baseball practices almost every night. The boys are both undefeated and have won by big margins. That definitely makes the season fun so far. But it will make the first loss very hard.
Stephen is tiling our bathroom floor. We had carpet and he tore all that up and has put tile down. I am putting up the picture of what he has done so far. I think he has done a great job and love my new floor.

(Sorry didn't flip it)

Me and the boys are heading to St. Louis for spring break. Each year we go on a road trip with two of my good friends and their kids. Last year my one girlfriend's husband tagged along and he is going this year also. It really is nice, he handles all the arrangements and still lets us act like silly girlfriends during the trip. We are so looking forward to this time.

I would ask that you pray for Timothy this spring break - he is heading to Puerto Rico on a mission trip. Pray for safety and good health, but also that they reach the people that they need to reach and have the heart of Jesus while they are there. I know God has some great things for them and is preparing the way - but I still ask that you pray for them.
Thats all for now,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy, Busy

We have had baseball for 4 nights straight and we have 4 more nights to go. It has been fun- been more fun if it didn't feel like 30 below outside. BRRR, it has been cold. Timothy's team lost their first game - big shocker, no really it was - but it was a big wake up call for them and they ended up sweeping through the loser brackets of the tournament. Matthew's first game was last night and they won. So.... I believe 3 out of 4 games is a pretty good record to start the season off.
I just wish I had a way to cook dinner and have it delivered to us at the field at dinner time. I know if I would be more organized during the day - I could probably do this. Oh well!

Timothy playing baseball!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our trip to Florida

We had a wonderful trip to Florida. My parents live down in the villages. We try and get down there at least once a year. This was Timothy's spring break from college, so we headed down! We had so much fun. We went to a Braves spring training game and Timothy and Aly won Disney water park tickets. We went to Busch Gardens where I watched all my children (including Aly) ride all the roller coasters. The hit of the day, for me, was going to see the Osmond Brothers. Now before you go thinking I am older than dirt. They were a little before my time, BUT, Donny was not. I loved Donny Osmond. I had the purple socks, purple pillowcase, and posters all over my wall!!! But he was not there. Just Jay, Wayne, Jimmy, and one other one, that I can not remember. They put on a great concert!!
We had so much fun and I hated to leave, but real life starts creeping back in, so we had to come home and jump back in. I am thankful for what time we had. I never laughed so hard, than I did this week. The boys were great and having Aly (Timothy's girlfriend) there was fun also!!
Here are some pictures....................

The Osmond Brothers!!

Everyone at the game.

Alyson and Timothy on the Jumbo-tron

Saturday, February 27, 2010


We are having a great weekend with our Crave. This is our discipleship now weekend. I have the 11th and 12th grade boys at my house and believe it or not - they are quieter than girls??!! We had a great night of worship last night and I am looking forward to tonight. I just want to say we are SO BLESSED!!! to have the youth minister that we have. What a Godly man for my boys to be around.

I also have some college news about Timothy - I will share later. God is working and now it is up to me to be patient and let it all come together.

Later alligators,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baseball Season

Once again baseball season is upon us. Once again, my husband is coaching and taking it so serious. He coaches a rec baseball team of boys 15 - 18. He is so excited because he got to get his exact team from last year back and they won the season last year. I must admit he is very good with this age group. He relates very well with them. So he does genuinely enjoy coaching them.

Matthew is also playing, so it will be a little crazy - but not half as bad as football gets at our house. The problem is spring football starts in the middle of baseball - so anyway - you can see how our house runs.

I did have a nice Valentine's day. Stephen was suppose to have a coach's meeting, but that got canceled and so we were able to go out to eat. YUM!!! We also took our Sunday walk at the park - which I love - that is my time with him, with no distractions. We also got to go see our Youth Minister/Friend's new baby! Absolutely precious!!! and all in PINK!!! One day I will have a granddaughter to dress in pink! But until then, I just enjoy others.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

what a blessing

Well we are home from our trip (cruise). It took me a day or two to get out of my depression of it being over. This trip was so wonderful. I truly loved everyday and everything we did, ate, and saw. I loved having that time with my husband. Most days we ended up at the back of the ship just watching the sun set. Never made it to the finale, but just watching until we had to leave was more that we ever do here.

We saw many beautiful places but also realized how lucky we are to live where we live and have the things we have. Once Kami knew about zip-lining, she was a force you could not control. She insisted that this is something on her "bucket list" and that they were going to do this. Me and Stephen finally decided to tag along. I am so glad we did. what fun!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

bon voyage

I leave tomorrow! We are heading to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow and will sail out on Sunday. I am so looking forward to 7 days with just my hubby! We will so enjoy this down time and time with good friends. Yes, our neighbors, Kami and Rick are also going. YEA!! I ask for prayers for good health and safety - thank you! See you guys next week. God Bless.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

7 more days until we leave on our cruise!!! We are going on a Royal Caribean cruise with Rick and Kami Keeling!! We will be gone for a week! I can not wait! Cruises are absolutely my favorite form of vacation!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

just wanted to add

I forgot to add this:

I just loved when God gives us a glimpse of how he is in control. The election is Mass - was one of those glimpses. Maybe we as Americans are waking up and realizing how far we have left the values, and principles that founded this country. These men, though not perfect, knew what they were doing. Today I will be thankful for the glimpses that God gives us!!

Tooooo Long

It has been way too long - I can't even say it is because we are busy - Football ended - with two Championships and one loss in the championship. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We are now into Basketball with Jacob. Jacob's team is not that good - they have only won one game - but that is ok.

Life has been very interesting. We have had family sickness issues. My parents ended up staying at our house over the holidays almost a month. My dad was hospitalized and then couldn't travel. They are finally home and doing better.

The other thing that still amazes me when it happens is that even at the age of 40 something (Sorry not going to tell that one). I still am learning lessons about people you let into your lives. As parents we are always telling our kids that they need to choose their friends carefully and that friends that lie or talk about us are not friends at all. But as a parent, I am still learning this lesson. I think sometimes as adults we have no choice but to have these people in our lives at times, but I am learning that they don't need to be your friend. Are there any lessons we learn as kids and actually learn them and don't have to keep learning them as adults?

Just a thought?