Friday, March 27, 2009


I made it to the gym today WOW day 1. I figured since I am having all these health issues that I should try and take care of myself. I walked on the treadmill for 30 mins and then did some arm exercises. Now, my son (Timothy), was helping me figure out how to use these machines. Once I got started I believe he called me a "wimp". I could barely do the 10 pounds = guys, this is adding no weight to the machine. It was sad!!! I really am a wimp. But I keep telling myself that I have to start somewhere.

I have also cut out Coke. I believe this will be the hardest part. Not sure I can do that. But again, we will take baby steps. I need to get my blood pressure down.

Wish me luck!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kennesaw Mountain

Me and boys went to Kennesaw today. Matthew and Jacob are studying the civil war - and it has been a lifetime since we went - so we went today. What a gorgeous day it was - not too hot and not too cold. We did the school things and read all that we needed to read and then the boys got the bright idea that we could walk all the way up. Well, I will not be out done by my boys - so up we went. OH MY GOODNESS, I need to exercise more. I am so out of shape. Jacob of course ran up the mountain, Timothy right behind him - he would stop every so often to let me and Matthew get is sight range of him. Me and Matthew came up the rear. I almost called it quits when Matthew say "I think I see building." So just 25 yards in front of us was the top. I MADE IT!! Can I just say again - that I need to exercise more........

The view was so worth it - it was a beautiful clear day and you could see forever. What a blessing that God gave us today. Then came another blessing - Timothy offered to run down the mountain and get the car and drive it up to the top - so we could have our picnic lunch at the top. It was great!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love American History and this was such a treat for me. I love it when we can learn about this awesome country and all it's growing pains. The more we know of it's history the better prepared we are to go forward to the future and not repeat these mistakes again. I will not lecture. - but I do feel that the founding fathers would be so disappointed in what we have done with the country they sacrificed their lives to build.

Here are some pictures....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We have our bathrooms back!!!! YEA!!! Never thought I would get that excited about bathrooms!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Day

Another day with no water. I have a very good friend that reminded me that I have always said that I wanted to live in colonial times. Well, I haven't felt that far off. Everytime I (and I say "I" because the boys can go in the woods) need to go - I have to head to my neighbors house. You have no idea how much you take your bathroom for granted.

Seriously, I am going to say what I am thankful for....

1. that it didn't flood the house.
2. we have the money to pay for the repairs.
3. we have neighbors that don't care how many times we use their bathroom. (A TRUE
4. That I have a husband that can handle all this. He is awesome!!

I am determined that Satan is not going to take my joy from the weekend.

Just thought I would put the blessing down - so I could be reminded of them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What an awesome weekend! Watching these kids worship so freely and see their hearts for the Lord - it give such hope for the future. Sometimes the news of the day can give us the feeling of "Is there any hope?" - is God there? Well watching these kids could leave anyone with the feeling of hope. I so enjoyed being a part of this weekend. I can not imagine missing such a great time of worship, prayer, fun and fellowship.

I had a group of 8 9th grade girls - these girls are awesome!! They have such strong faith and really want to live it out! They also are just plain sweet girls. Now, I am a mom to 3 wonderful boys. I love them and love the life we have with them, but it is so nice to have some girl time. These girls are so gracious to let me love them and be a part of their walk in life.

Now, the reason I know that God was with us this weekend and that I so was filled this weekend - is that Satan is working double hard to rob me of my joy! After the first night, we had to move all of us (me and the girls) to another house. Our septic tank is not draining and we are very close to flooding the basement level. So me and girls moved to another house. When I get home today - the problem is growing worse by the moment and we are not allowed to use the bathroom or run any water at all - in fear of flooding the house. We have about 3 other issues going on with the house also - all of them will probably be money involved and to say the least I have a very stressed husband and we are looking at moving into a hotel room.

So............................................... I am trying very hard to tell Satan to get out!!! Wish me luck!

oh, by the way, the dog ran away also.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Tonight will start Krav! This will be an awesome weekend for the kids. They will have bible studies at their host homes, worship and teachings at the church and a lot of fun stuff also - which I believe is top secret. I just ask that people pray for this weekend and the kids leave it fired up for God!

On a personal note - Timothy will be taking the SAT tomorrow - so you could add that to your prayer - that would be great!!

We will see you guys at the other end!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yo Yo Johnny

Wanting to give a shout out to Johnny (our youth minister) - HEY!! Don't you feel special now?

Timothy and Matthew have their Krav weekend this coming weekend. It is a great weekend filled with worship, fun and just diving into God's word. I love this weekend especially because I always get girls for the weekend. You see each age group/sex (sorry, Chickfila customers - inside joke). ex: 6th grade girls will stay at someones house for the whole weekend. I have the 9th grade girls this weekend. These girls are awesome!! They are such a great group of Christian girls. They all sleep in my basement and have their Bible studies down their with their counselor. I am so looking forward to having them here and enjoying the time with them.

It is a little crazy - but who doesn't want a little crazy in their life ever so often????

I will have to explain the Chickfila inside joke later. I am too tired to go into it tonight.

p.s. could I have said the word "weekend" a few more times??? A clear sign of how tired I am.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Can I tell you how glad I am that it is Friday!! This weekend looks light - which makes it even better. We have no baseball - YEA! (Even though I am looking forward to baseball).

Timothy is going to a highschool football combine Saturday. This is where high school football players from all over the state come and compete against each other. They are ranked and these rankings are sent to college recruiters. I think he really feels like he is going to be humbled tomorrow - but I think he is better than even he thinks. Please pray for him - this is something he really wants to pursue after high school. He would love it if some small college snatched him up to play football. Ultimately, we want God's will, but until God lets us know different we are going to encourage him to pursue his dreams. He really is a great leader on the field and his teammates are always so encouraging to him! So... just pray for him and his teammates as they go and compete. It would be great to just have a homeschool player do well.

This is Timothy's hi-light video.......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be still

Today at bible study we are reading through the Bible and we are at the part where Moses knows that he is going to die and that they will be going to the promise land. He is reading off chapters of rules and laws that they are to obey - now, these weren't just rules to be mean - they were set up by God to help protect these people from outsiders and other idols. But one of the things we discussed was the idea of being still and waiting on God - which the Isrealites had a huge problem with - ok, so do we.

I am blown away by this whole idea every time I study it or discuss it. Being still. If you know me - that is a challenge in itself. Being still, being patient on God. But what I got from my lesson today which I don't believe I have in the past is this.... While you are being still - be in God's Word. It makes sense - how can you hear His voice in the stillness - if you are not in His Word. I really need to practice this being still thing - but I so need to add the being in His Word.

This is my challenge to myself. BE STILL and stay in His Word until it is clear and peace rules.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner Saturday Night

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Alyson's parents. Alyson is Timothy's girlfriend. We have known them for a few years now, but since our kids have decided to like each other - we have formed a close friendship. You see, Timothy and Alyson were not allowed to date when they first decided they liked each other. Matter of fact, Alyson is still not allowed to go out on a date. They spend their time together with either us, as a family, or with her family. I must admit, this is something I suggest for any couple - no matter how old they are. We have gotten to know her and know how she feels about things and what she believes in. The same is true for her family and Timothy. The truth of the matter is that it will be us, the parents, that need therapy when they break up (if they do). So as parents, we have discussed how we would like things to go and when questions arise - we always talk to each other and see how each other stands. Too good to be true? I know, but it is. They are great Christian parents, friends and people.

We enjoyed our evening with them and suprising enough, we didn't talk about the kids the whole time. We realized that we have a lot in common just as friends, and that was nice.

But I must admit - it has been such a blessing to walk through this experience with two wonderful Christian parents along side of us. God is good and provides for our needs!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yes, I am screaming!!

I am trying to get all the stuff together for our co-op that starts up again on Thursday. It is pioneer day and I am doing art and daily life with 1st and 2nd graders. We are going to make covered wagons and talk about what they would have carried with them as they traveled west. Well.................................... while trying to get all my supplies together, I realized one thing..............

It is driving me crazy. My school room is a mess and I need to organize, but really don't have the room for everything. ok, so I am using this blog today to vent - I am hoping it will make me feel better.

I am also behind on my daily bible readings. So the answer to this.... get off this computer and do something about it.

So I will talk to you later.........

p.s. thanks for letting me vent.