Tuesday, June 30, 2009

catching up

I guess there is a lot to catch up with....
First, my grandmother passed away today. I really don't know what my feelings on this are. I just know she is in a much better place and in no more pain or suffering. And for that I praise him for showing his mercy and not making her hang on any longer. But selfishly, I will miss her. I will miss her presence. She had such presence. So I am sad for the loss in my life and my children's lives. So I guess I will be traveling back to Pennsylvania this week.

On another, more happier note, our staykation went good. I don't believe we will be doing that again. We had a hard time breaking away from things we really need to break away from on vacation. Me, housework and chores; Stephen, work; and the kids, their friends and activities. We keep so busy during the year that we really need to go away and break far away from those things. But on the positive note - we really enjoyed all the places we went and what we got to see.

Timothy is off to football camp and me and Stephen are heading to Phoenix next week to go on a golf trip with good friends from college. I am so looking forward to this trip. We enjoy getting away as a couple also. It's nice.

I think that is all for now, I will post more later.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A prayer request

I just wanted to put this out there and ask that you pray for some friends of ours, the Westbrooks. We have gotten to know this family through friends, and sports. They are such an awesome family with such awesome kids. Well, they are trying to adopt a down syndrome little girl and are trying to raise money for their travels. I am putting the link to her blog - read about their adventure - you just might be inspired - I know I am every time I read it.

Thanks for your prayers,


it's a crazy life....

Life in the Howard house has been crazy - but that should give me a sense of calm. Since that usually means things are fine and normal.
Timothy is recovering great from his surgery. He is doing all his physical therapy and working hard to get his knees stronger.
My sister and I traveled to Pennsylvania this past Thursday. We drove all day Thursday and spend Friday and Saturday visiting my Grandma, Lee (grandma's husband), and any other relatives we could fit in. My Grandma, wow, I wish I could describe what she was. I just remember her as a women full of life. She was always dressed to kill and had every perfect accessory. Her hair always just perfect. Her house was perfectly decorated and I do believe it is what has inspired my decorating. It was as if you were in Williamsburg. I just loved visiting her and being at that house. Going to see her now in the hospice nursing home was very hard. For what she is holding on for, I am not sure. She will not eat, so she is slowing fading. When me and my sister walked in though - her whole face changed. Deep in there - I could see my grandma and every so often she would get an expression on her face and i knew she was in there somewhere. But the honest truth is I wanted to say to her - "go, we will be fine." I didn't mainly because I don't know if that is my place and my one aunt is far from ready to say goodbye. But I know where my Grandma is going and I know it will be a far better place that where she is now.
We also went to see Lee. My grandfather died when i was just a baby and my grandma married Lee. Lee was our grandfather. He was an awesome grandfather. He is struggling also. The list of things wrong with him is long. But what is so sweet to see is that while visiting them both - they long to be together. He is convinced that as soon as he gets better and stronger he will be able to bring her home and take care of her (not, ever going to happen). They don't make love like that anymore.
Today we start our family vacation - we are staying home and visiting all that this city has to offer. Hopefully we will have a great week and enjoy the time we have together. Time is swift and if we are not careful - we will forget to gather the memories as we walk along. I pray God reminds me often to pick up the memories and store them away.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

timothy's surgery

Timothy's surgery went great! We got there at 6:00 am and were home by 8:30 am. The doctor says that everything went great and no surprises when they got in there. So praise God for all that good news. Now, I am trying to deal with a 16 year old boy that feels like he can still do all things - even on drugs???
He did want to go to the braves game, so we went. Stephen, Matthew and Jacob are all out of town, so it was just me and him. He hobbled about 1/3 of the way from the car to the stadium, when he was picked up by a Braves golf cart and then met with a wheelchair to take us to our seats. The braves guys even helped me get our dinner back to our seats. Very nice people - except, someone stole our wheelchair after the game - so we crutched all the way back to the car - he was exhausted. But all is good. Here are some pictures of our adventure...... (by the way thank you for all your prayers!!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Timothy's new car

forgot to post this... This is Timothy with his new car!!!


this week

This week is going to be different for me - I just hope I can use it for all I need to. Matthew is at World Changers in Tallahassee. So please be in prayer for his group there. Also, Jacob went to my brother's house for the week in Charlotte with my parents. I was suppose to be going there - but Timothy's surgery got scheduled for Tuesday - so I could not go. Stephen leaves tomorrow on his annual golf trip with the guys. They play 36 holes of golf a day. So, I am at home with just Timothy - which basically means I am home alone. He is gone all day. Tomorrow he has his knee surgery, so please keep him in your prayers also. It should be a very simple out patient surgery. He actually wants me and him to go to the Braves game tomorrow night. We will have to wait and see. So I have a week off from being mom and wife. Not sure what to do with that kind of time. I know it will include some poolside time and some catching up on reading time. Also keep my mom's mom and step dad (my grandma and the only grandpa I have known) in your prayers. Both are basically on death's bed and we are all just waiting to hear. Thanks and sorry about all the prayer request.