Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Girls Weekend

I must admit that I was very much looking forward to getting away with two of my dearest friends.  These girls and I have been friends for a very long time and have walked through a lot together.  We try and get away for at least one night twice a year - that doesn't always work, but we try. 

We left this past Friday at lunch and headed north to Chattanooga.  We stopped south of Dalton at our favorite restaurant of all time ........CRACKER BARREL.  We enjoyed our time and decided we wanted to find a mall and shop the afternoon away.  Well..... God had different plans. 

Before I can say what happened I have to explain that I am not the most spontaneous person on a trip.  I like to plan and know what we are going to do - I am not over the top, but not very spontaneous either.  But when I am with these gals, I try to leave that comfort zone and do it. 

Well, we saw a very small sign for a Civil War Railroad Tunnel museum and we thought, hey lets see what it is.  Now, we love our history and have dragged kids and husbands all over the east coast to a bunch of history places.  But there was no dragging here - we wanted to see what it was about.  We got there and it was small and not much to it - but we went in and bought a ticket.  We saw the small museum inside and then the fun began.  Hub - our tour guide - picked us up in the golf cart and took us down to the tunnel.  Hub was very knowledgable and VERY funny.  We laughed and learned so much about the tunnel, but also about the area and how the Civil War affected it.  I can not recommend this too much.  We really enjoyed it and learned alot..  Now, across the road was a house built pre-Civil War and was Sherman's headquarters when he went through and also served as a hospital for both sides at different times.  We enjoyed walking over there and also walking through the open pastures and just acting like teenage girls.  We were the only ones there and so enjoyed laughing and goofing off. 

We did more stuff that weekend - but this will always be the hi-light for me.  It was just fun to let go of responsibility and decorum and be silly and enjoy girlfriends.  We didn't need to drink, party or go to a wild place to let go - Maybe that is why I love these girls so much.

I thank God everyday for the friends He has given me.  I have some very special gals in my life!!