Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's been a while

Sorry for it being so long between blogs. Football season tends to do that to this family. We go, go, go and any down time is spent with family time. Real games start this weekend, but momma is going to miss them. I am going to Women of Faith this weekend with a very dear friend of mine. I can not wait. This weekend is always such a spiritual fill up for me. And during football season, there can be not better time for that fill up. I will miss not seeing their games. I am a true football fan and love to watch my boys play.

Not much more has been going on - My grandmother (my dad's mom) had a mild stroke. She is doing really good and only has some weakness in her left leg and a lot of weakness in her left arm and hand. She is going to physical therapy for that - so that is great news.

My niece is playing volleyball at Brewton parker college. We are trying desperately to get down there and see her play. She will be playing some games here in Atlanta, so we will see - I really want to go see her and yell really loud!!

That is it for now,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Challenging week

This week has been challenging. I am a people pleaser by nature and confrontations are very hard for me - I avoid them all the time (even when I shouldn't). This week started out so awesome. We had cheerleading camp on Monday and Tuesday and just in those two days, the girls improved so much. We were so excited that they had come together so well. We also had our share of God stories. None of them will seem that big of a deal, but to us they were truly answered prayer. But then it went down hill from there and I am sure that it is Satan trying his hardest to take away our joy.

I was confronted with challenges on my faith and more importantly I was lied to. Now those that know me - trust is a huge deal to me, so this situation was the hardest to take in. I am not sure how it will all end, but I am trusting that God is in control and has a bigger plan. I am also trying to not let a few take away the joys that God gave us during camp!!!

I am the worst on verses, but I do know that God says that there will be trouble in this world, but to take heart because he has already conquered this world. I believe that will be my verse this week.