Saturday, November 27, 2010


As we celebrated this Thanksgiving, I really thought of all the things I am thankful for. I don't know if it is my age or what - but some days God just opens a door and lets me see how blessed I really am. I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for.....

Jesus, my Savior!! What a wonderful blessing of Grace he gives me each and everyday!!

My husband. In the past 21 years we have been through a lot, but I am thankful that God has brought us through it and grown both of us in our marriage and walk with Him. Stephen is a wonderful husband, father, provider, friend, and life partner! I am thankful that God gave him to me.

My children. What awesome children they are. All of them are growing up to be such great Christian guys. There are days that God gives me a glimpse of what he is doing in their lives and I am in awe!!

My family. I have the best parents in the whole wide world. I love them so much and am thankful for all they sacrificed and gave up for us and for the love they continue to show every day. My sister, brother, sister-n-law, brother-n-law. They are such great people and I love being around them. I love the way we still laugh all the time when we are together.

My in-love family. God could not of blessed me with a better family to marry into. We are all very close and I love each and every one of them!!! They make family so much fun!! All my sweet, sweet nieces and very handsome nephews!

Keelings - we have been friends for 20 years. They have been there for us in some dark times and we will always be grateful to them. They continue to be a huge blessing to us and we love them so much.

Matthews - this is a couple that we have been friends with for over 22 years. They also have been with us through some rough times and vice versa. We are so very thankful that God continues to let them be a part of our lives.

Girlfriends - what would I be without them??????? Tricia, Susan, Karla, Alison, Susan, Wendy, Becki, Julie, and I am I know there are more. I am thankful for all the coffee and late nights these gals have given me!!

New Friends - Isn't it funny how God brings people into your lives and after just a short time you think, Wow, how did me get along without them? I have some of those and I am very thankful for them!! I don't think they realize how much they have meant to me the past couple of months.

Jobs, our dog, a sweet, sweet girl Joy that always gives from her heart!, for friends that have the calling to adopt and love unwanted children, Christian football coaches, vacations, coke, chocolate, football season, romance novels, and the Halllmark Channel.

I know I have left off a lot and some that are really important. But God knows my heart and so they are well covered.

I am blessed,


Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I watched my son play football for possibly the last time. Some might not think that that is such a big deal - but football has been a part of who he is since Kindergarten. Timothy has loved this game for so long and still wants to pursue playing it in college. We will see.... But as I think about this so much comes to mind.

Timothy started in kindergarten and played for the North Gwinnett Bulldogs - at this age, they were required to get each player in for at least 3 plays. Timothy played 3 plays each game. He really didn't care - he just loved playing the game and being on the team. The next 5 or 6 years he played at Midway and had 2 coaches the whole time. With these two coaches coaching together almost the whole time. Coach C taught timothy the proper way to do everything - tackle, block, run, stand, stance - Timothy developed is to such a good player under Coach C. I still see things today that Timothy does that I know came from Coach C. Coach S. was just an awesome christian man. He was a great coach, but what he brought into Timothy's life was such an awesome example of how he should lead his life and how to grow into the man God wanted him to be. These two men grew timothy as a player and person and I am so grateful for them.

Timothy then started Falcon football. This was a new experience for him - a little less structure - ok a lot less structure than he was used to but Dad got to coach and he finally got to play with his best friend. He also was put into a brand new position - quarterback. These past 5 years with the falcons have been such a growing time for Timothy. He was thrust into the varsity qb position as a freshmen and had to learn quickly. He had great coaches that were patient with him and help to develop his skills. Now, I wouldn't say he was the most polished qb but boy he has grown into one of the best in our league and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Tomorrow he will set foot on the football field for possibly the last time and with it he has gotten many awards, honors and titles. Many of those he will remember forever and others not so important. But what he will have is years of memories with some great guys, leadership qualities, and loyalty. those I think are the most important.

He got hurt a couple of weeks ago and we had to play a playoff game without him most of the game. He told me that he felt that was God's way of letting him know it is not about him but about his team and he was so proud of that team.

Timothy is heading in a new path in life - which might include more football or it might not, but whatever it includes, I know that football and been such a great influence on him and who he is and who we are as a family!!!

I thank God for these opportunities and lessons that he has given us.